How to take care of your trunk?


Car racks provide practical cargo space for everyday use. Shopping, suitcases or work-related items - everything leaves a mark on the soft carpet, which over time absorbs impacts, cuts and spilled liquids. It is difficult to prevent this, and a damaged trunk interior is difficult and expensive to repair, often ending with replacing the carpet. How to avoid this damage and extend the life of your rack?

Car trunk maintenance is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that is often overlooked. A well-kept trunk helps keep everything neat and organized. This contributes to the overall durability and value of the car. Below you will find tips on how to keep your trunk in top condition.

1. Regular cleaning

Empty and vacuum: Start by removing all items from the trunk. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust and small debris from every nook and cranny, including the sides and under mats or carpets.

Stain removal: Clean up spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting. Use an appropriate upholstery cleaner on the trunk carpet and a mild soap solution on any plastic or metal parts. Always test cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area first. You can find good quality products for this purpose in our store.

3. Wise organization

Use organizational solutions: Consider investing in organizers such as containers, boxes or bags to keep items organized. Luggage nets and hooks can prevent groceries and other items from moving around while driving. The built-in organizer will also work well ProLine trunk mats.

4. Having an emergency kit

Always keep an emergency kit in the trunk, including items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, first aid kit and essential tools. Check these items regularly to ensure they are in good condition and replace them as necessary. It's also good to have some basic ones devices for cleaning like liquid and brush.

5. Inspection and maintenance of seals

Check your seals regularly: The trunk seal prevents water and dust from entering, protecting your belongings and the interior of your vehicle. Periodically check the gasket for wear, cracks or damage. A damaged seal can lead to leaks that can damage the interior of the trunk and your belongings.

6. Cleaning and maintenance of seals

The boot seal should be cleaned with a mild soap solution and treated with a rubber care product to maintain its elasticity and prevent cracking. This will prevent water and dirt from getting inside and damaging the interior

7. Prevention of unpleasant odors

Keep it fresh: An odor-free trunk is a nicer place to store items. Use car chemicals or a natural alternative such as baking soda to absorb unwanted odors. Occasionally airing out the trunk can also prevent musty odors from developing.

8. Trunk mats


To make maintaining the trunk of your car easier, you can invest in good quality trunk mats. They protect the interior of the trunk against spilled liquids and physical damage. They also make cleaning very easy: pull the boot mat out of the vehicle and rinse it with water or wash it with a pressure washer at a hand car wash. Car mats DryZone they can provide excellent basic functionality for the job at a solid price. If you're looking for something more, check it out trunk mats ProLine with additional organizer functionality and great design. Both products are made of very durable, odorless TPE material resistant to chemicals and physical damage. Designed using high-resolution 3D laser scanning, they ensure a perfect fit to your car, covering 100% of the trunk surface and high edges to protect the sides, so you don't have to worry about spills.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your car trunk in great condition, ensuring your belongings are stored safely and organizedly. Regular care and a bit of organization can significantly improve the functionality and appearance of your rack, positively impacting your overall driving experience.