How to choose a trunk mat


Choice trunk mats car repair may seem complicated at first glance, but thanks to this guide all doubts will be dispelled. Here is an explanation of some of the issues that have caused problems for our customers in the past.

1. Top or bottom shelf?

Many car manufacturers offer adjustable load floors to accommodate different user needs and provide additional functionality. What is an adjustable boot floor? Car trunks usually have two floors, with additional storage underneath the first floor. In this case, the upper floor is made in such a way that its height can be adjusted and the space in the trunk can be manipulated. ProLine trunk mats i DryZone sometimes they offer different trunk options for the same car model, which means you can choose your preferred trunk floor configuration.

2. Is the subwoofer a problem?

Sometimes yes. Cars are complicated; in some cases, your vehicle may have a special speaker in the trunk - this usually applies to upgraded sound systems in mid-range cars.

3. Full-size spare tire

Cars are very compact and size matters. In any vehicle, it is possible that a full-size spare tire may affect the dimensions of the trunk and the fit of dedicated cargo mats.

4. Explanation of other equipment:

- Trunk organizer: If you have a built-in organizer under the trunk floor

- Number of rows: some cars have 3 rows of seats and the trunk mats can be tailor-made for the trunk with the 3rd row folded for more space or unfolded for more passengers.

- Hybrid engine: Hybrid variants of cars often have to sacrifice some space to accommodate larger batteries. Make sure it is selected trunk mat fits your drive type.

Do you have any more questions?

It's okay if you have more questions. Remember to read the product description carefully. However, if you still have doubts, our customer service will be happy to help. You will find help here.