Car mats PURE

PURE design rubber mats from FROGUM is the perfect combination of functionality and style for any car. Universal in their design, they allow easy adaptation to almost any car model, thanks to the possibility of cutting in designated places. Made of the highest quality, strong and flexible rubber, these mats provide reliable protection of the vehicle interior against dirt and moisture.


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Innovative protection of your car's upholstery. Higher edge provides higher protection and floor coverage. Additionally, rugs thanks to their trough shapes keep dirt and water inside.

Thanks to MaxEdge technology products Frogum they have the highest edges in Europe, and the unique design prevents them from deforming, thanks to which the rug or mat will always adhere perfectly to the floor, and therefore fully protect the floor of your car.

    Rubber car mats PURE design from FROGUM is the quintessence of universality and quality in the world of car accessories. These unique PURE car mats combine flexibility, durability and modern design, offering a solution that fits almost any car model.

    One of the key features of PURE rugs is their versatility. Thanks to the ability to cut rubber elements in designated places, you can easily adjust the mats to the dimensions of your vehicle. This makes PURE mats the perfect choice for those looking for a flexible solution that fits a variety of car models.

    Made of 100% strong, flexible rubber of the highest quality, PURE universal mats are designed to withstand heavy use. Their solid construction ensures long-lasting protection of your car's interior.

    The functional grid pattern of PURE mats effectively retains dirt and moisture, protecting the car floor from dirt. This not only makes it easier to keep your vehicle clean, but also increases the comfort of use.

    The practical edges of the mat, up to 1 cm high, additionally protect the vehicle interior, preventing dirt and water from getting onto the car carpet. This makes PURE rugs irreplaceable in all conditions.

    The stability of the mats is ensured by anti-slip protrusions that effectively prevent the mats from moving while driving. This is another element that increases safety and comfort of use.

    Additionally, PURE mats are enriched with a pleasant vanilla aroma, which adds a subtle and pleasant atmosphere to the car interior. This makes every trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

    By choosing universal PURE car mats from the brand FROGUM, you choose a product that combines universality, durability and aesthetic design. This is the perfect solution for those who value practicality and want their car to always be clean and stylish. PURE mats guarantee protection of your vehicle's interior in all conditions, tailored to your individual needs. We also recommend trunk mats, a wide range of which is available in the store Frogum.