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FroGum Premium Moto Shop is a unique place for automotive enthusiasts. We are professionals coming from a multi-generational, family business specializing in the manufacture of automobile accessories. With many years of experience in production, we are more than a cutting edge company focusing on the highest possible product quality – we are a company whose mission is:

  • to create a future driven by new technologies, materials and skills
  • to strive for a new, forward-thinking world where human mobility is achieved by means of sustainable methods
  • to continuously develop and improve to ensure ultimate driver and passenger comfort – to enhance travel experience, implement latest trends, green technologies and innovative solutions

We deeply believe that this is the future of mobility.

All this guarantees that FroGum Premium Moto Shop sells merchandise offered by European independent producers who put their whole heart into what they do: their expertise, passion and inspiration that ignite a spark in others. We are positive that automobile accessories are not only useful, handy and necessary, but they can also be beautiful and intriguing, bringing joy and facilitating travel to every driver.

Of course the things that we sell are of pivotal importance, but it is Customers and their satisfaction that sit at the heart of our strategy. We aspire to go beyond and make a shift away from what we have attained so far – to give our Customers a new quality by supplying them not only with premium accessories but first and foremost with an extraordinary purchasing experience.

We pay special attention to professional service before, during and after a purchase, from the beginning to the end of the whole process. The Customers are given assistance and support at every stage and stay well informed about their order at all times. Every recommended product is inspected to ensure the quality of materials and flawless execution. Our Customer Service Team readily answers all questions about an item and the purchasing process. We are at your disposal using any channel of communication that comes to mind – via a hotline, Messenger or e-mail.

Our priority at FroGum Premium Moto Shop is an ideal selection of a model-specific product. We do our best to support the Customer with the right choice and hence to prevent mispurchases. Most reliable results for search queries are provided by an internal search engine and also by an excellent solution designed specially to accomodate our Customers requirements: having created the ”My Garage” account, everyone would be able to pick and save their cars, which substantially simplifies searching for matching accessories and helps us recommend personalized new arrivals. ”My Garage” saves time and warrants Customer satisfaction as it improves product selection and increases the chances of grabbing interesting accessories.

When you are happy with your purchase, you cannot wait for your order to arrive. We are proud to have reduced that waiting time – all orders are processed and dispatched by FroGum Premium Moto Shop instantly just after we have received your payment.

The team behind FroGum Premium Moto Shop is a group of true enthusiasts of the automotive industry, ready to invest their energy into making every Customer feel at home, as if in their favourite garage.
Extraordinary relations between those who design and manufacture cars and car accessories and those who drive these cars underlie a fascinating history that is second to none. This is the path we want to follow – with us you can expect the unexpected.

Why FroGum Premium Moto Shop?

Bespoke Service

Our Customer Service Experts are always here to answer all your questions.

Fast Delivery

You can comfortably order online and be sure that you will get your purchase fast.

Perfect fit

Our aim is to ensure that all car accesories are custom fit to the shape and footwells for a specific make and model of your vehicle by using an innovative 3D car scanning technology and an intuitive product search engine.

A Team of Enthusiasts

We are a young team of enthusiasts determined to make our own business history in the modern automotive accessories market.

Transparent Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is a priority, so we offer a 30-day return window.

Environment-Friendly Products

Our mission is to select accessories that are environment-friendly at every stage of their life-cycle, including recyclability.

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