How to check your car model

  1. How to check your car model.
  2. Checking the vehicle model in documents.
  3. Decoding the VIN number.
  4. A simpler way, i.e. on your own or with someone you know.

How to check your car model.

Every owner of four wheels knows his vehicle to a greater or lesser extent. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to provide a more detailed specification, whether when selling a vehicle, maintaining it, purchasing parts or purchasing Car floor mats i trunk mats. In our store, this skill will be needed because the products Frogum are designed based on 3D scans to ensure the most precise fit to each model. This precision, so valued in our products, may make us scratch our heads when purchasing whether this is really the car model we want. This is inevitable, but fortunately we have several ways to get rid of doubts. There are several ways to check the exact vehicle model: in the registration certificate, VIN number, on the basis of special features or with the help of a more experienced person.

Checking the vehicle model in documents.

The easiest way, just look at the registration certificate and you should find all the information you need there. What to pay attention to? In most cases, a quick look at field "D" is enough to find the make and model of the vehicle. Often there will also be information about the engine under the hood, but this description is specific to each manufacturer, so it is also worth searching the Internet. The next fields are "P.1" and "P.2", which describe: engine capacity and its power expressed in kW (Kilowatts), it is a good idea to convert this number into HP (Horse Power), because no one actually uses this number unit for everyday use, Google will handle it without a problem. Finally, very useful information is the year of production, which can be found on the page with the QR code. This is everything we need on a daily basis! Using this information will make it easier for you to find matches car mats and/ or trunk mat, as well as using this data to filter the right products for your car.

Decoding the VIN number.

Sometimes we want to know more and this is where the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) comes in, which is the unique DNA of your car. It can be found on the vehicle ID or on the car itself. The most common places are: the door frame when you open it, the engine compartment, and sometimes around the floor or under the seats behind a neat cover. Either way, you just need to enter this number on any VIN decoding website, it should be free. There will be all the information about the vehicle we will ever need.

A simpler way, i.e. on your own or with someone you know.

The quickest and easiest way is to simply look at the car. It is standard that at the back of the vehicle the model name is accompanied by the engine marking, sometimes it may be near the front fender, but often this information is completely sufficient in many scenarios, you can always make sure or find more data on the manufacturer's website or for more information. the opinion of a more experienced person.

Each method has its advantages and provides us with the right amount of information about our four wheels. On our shop This information will be needed so that everyone can buy the right one for sure rubber car mats or that a suitable one would be chosen by him mat for trunk. Nevertheless, not everyone is a fan of motoring, that's why our team is customer service I will be happy to help you with any dilemma.