Car mats for Cupra

Welcome to the Cupra car mat collection, where functionality goes hand in hand with durability. Our mats are designed for various Cupra models, ensuring not only protection against pollution, but also adding style and elegance to the interior of your vehicle.


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Innovative protection of your car's upholstery. Higher edge provides higher protection and floor coverage. Additionally, rugs thanks to their trough shapes keep dirt and water inside.

Thanks to MaxEdge technology products Frogum they have the highest edges in Europe, and the unique design prevents them from deforming, thanks to which the rug or mat will always adhere perfectly to the floor, and therefore fully protect the floor of your car.

Discover the Exclusive Offer of Cupra Car Mats at

In online shop Frogum We are proud to offer an exclusive collection of Cupra car mats, created for car owners of this dynamic and innovative brand. Our mats combine high quality workmanship with unrivaled functionality, ensuring that the interior of your Cupra will not only be effectively protected against any dirt, but also aesthetically enhanced. By choosing our mats, you are choosing a tailor-made solution for the unique character of your car.

Precision Fit: Unparalleled Protection for your Cupra

Fitting precision this is the key element that distinguishes our car mats for Cupra. Each product has been designed with attention to detail to perfectly match the specific Cupra model, ensuring maximum protection and interior elegance. Thanks to this, these mats are like the second skin of your car, ensuring full coverage of the floor and protection against any dirt.

Top-class materials: Durability and Elegance

Top-class materials are the foundation of our offer of mats for the Cupra. Using only proven and durable materials, we ensure that our rugs are not only durable, but also abrasion-resistant and easy to keep clean. This combination of functionality and aesthetics means that the interior of your Cupra will look exceptional for many years.

Ease of Maintenance: Cleanliness and Comfort without Effort

Easy to maintain this is one of the biggest advantages of our Cupra car mats. Designed with everyday use in mind, they enable quick and effective cleaning, so the interior of your car can always be clean and fresh. Whether it's mud, sand or spilled liquids, our rugs allow you to easily restore order and hygiene.

Individual Style: Emphasize the Character of Your Cupra

Individual style is something that Cupra owners love, and our car mats are designed to emphasize this uniqueness. We offer a wide selection of patterns and colors, so everyone can find mats that perfectly match the style of their car. Thanks to this, your Cupra will not only be better protected, but also more expressive.

Solutions Tailored to Cupra Models: Find the Perfect Kit

Solutions tailored to Cupra models guarantee that in store you will find mats that perfectly match your car. Whether you're proud to own a Cupra Born or a Cupra Formentor, we have mats that will meet your expectations in both fit and style.

Why Quality You Can Count On

Quality you can count on, is our promise to every customer. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we only offer products that meet the highest quality standards. By choosing our car mats for the Cupra, you get a guarantee of satisfaction, professional service and products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding car enthusiasts.

We invite you to discover the Cupra car mats offer

We invite you to discover the offer Cupra car mats on and see how easily you can improve the interior of your car. Thanks to our products, your Cupra will not only gain protection and style, but also comfort of use. Join the group of satisfied customers and treat yourself to a bit of luxury that your car deserves.