Car mats for SEAT

Discover our diverse range of SEAT car mats, combining reliability with modern design, adapted to various Seat models. Each mat has been carefully designed to provide not only style, but also comprehensive protection for the interior of your vehicle.


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Innovative protection of your car's upholstery. Higher edge provides higher protection and floor coverage. Additionally, rugs thanks to their trough shapes keep dirt and water inside.

Thanks to MaxEdge technology products Frogum they have the highest edges in Europe, and the unique design prevents them from deforming, thanks to which the rug or mat will always adhere perfectly to the floor, and therefore fully protect the floor of your car.

    SEAT Car Mats – Modern and practical

    In the shop Frogum We are proud to present our carefully selected offer of Seat car mats, which combine the highest quality of workmanship with reliable functionality. Especially for you, we have prepared products that not only effectively protect the interior of your Seat against dirt and moisture, but also enrich its interior with an elegant look. By choosing our rugs, you are choosing a tailor-made solution for your individual needs and expectations.

    Perfect Fit: Designed for your Seat

    Perfect fit is our priority when designing mats for Seat. Thanks to advanced technologies and accurate measurements, we offer mats that fit perfectly into the floor space of your car. Regardless of the Seat model you have, our mats guarantee full coverage and protection of the floor, eliminating the risk of shifting and mis-fitting.

    Strength and Strength of the Material: Protection for Years

    Strength and durability of the material These are further features that distinguish our Seat car mats. Made of damage-resistant and easy-to-clean materials, they provide reliable protection for the interior of your vehicle for a long time. Our rugs are designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring they retain their shape and properties even after intensive use.

    Ease of Maintenance: Effortless cleanliness

    Easy to maintain is one of the key aspects of our Seat mats. When designing our products, we want to make keeping them clean as simple as possible. Thanks to specially selected materials, our mats can be easily cleaned, which allows you to maintain the hygiene and freshness of the car interior without having to spend a lot of time and effort.

    Elegance and Style: Enrich the Interior of Your Seat

    Elegance and style these are integral elements of our Seat car mats. In our store, we offer products that not only fulfill their basic functions, but also express attention to detail and aesthetics of the interior of your car. Available in a variety of designs and colors, our mats allow you to match them to each driver's personal style, adding a unique character to your Seat interior.

    Comprehensive Offer for All Seat Models

    Complex offer this is our answer to the needs of all Seat car owners. Regardless of whether you own a modern SUV, a dynamic hatchback or an elegant sedan, in our store you will find car mats that have been designed for the specific model and year of your vehicle. is a place where every Seat fan will find something for themselves.

    Engagement and Satisfaction: Select a store Frogum

    Customer commitment and satisfaction these are the values ​​that are most important to us. We make every effort to make shopping in our store simple, quick and, above all, satisfying. Thanks to our professional approach and a wide range of Seat car mats, we are convinced that every customer will find the perfect solution for their vehicle. We invite you to discover the full range of products available in the store and experience the highest quality service that awaits you with every purchase.

    We have mats for every Seat model:

    Alhambra, Altea, Arona, Arosa, Ateca, Cordoba, Exeo, Ibiza, Leon, Mii, Tarraco, Toledo