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FroGum FreshMatt – a preparation for the care and regeneration of car mats

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Product features
200 ml
For care and regeneration
Lemon cake
Product Type
Care agent
Maintains and protects rugs
The car brand
Product description
  • The only product on the market for car mats and trunk mats made of TPE
  • Creates an anti-slip coating and has antistatic properties
  • Darkens, mattifies and evens out the color
  • Created on the basis of water
  • Contains natural waxes with the addition of synthetic polymers
  • It does not contain solvents
  • The smell of lemon cake
  • For best results, use after each wash
  • Do not expose to sunlight for long periods
  • Capacity: 200ml
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Product features

Product features that you will gain by choosing us: quality, durability, unique design. Discover why we are the best!

Refresh yours rugs and mats

FroGum FreshMatt is the only product on the market for the care and regeneration of car floor mats and trunk mats made of TPE. It is the result of a combination of passion and the company's pursuit of perfection FroGum and many years of experience and expertise of ADBL. If your rugs have accompanied you on numerous trips and they no longer look the same, it's time to try FreshMatt.


Bet on quality and effectiveness

FroGum FreshMatt is a product for those who focus on perfection in every detail. Developed based on tests on the company's products FroGum, FreshMatt creates a non-slip protective coating that facilitates the ongoing care of rugs and mats, and has an antistatic effect. Additionally, it darkens and mattifies, evening out the surface color. For best results, we recommend using the agent after each wash. Thanks to this, your TPE car mats and trunk mat will maintain their pristine appearance for a long time.


Take care of yourself effortlessly car interior

FroGum FreshMatt stands out not only for its effectiveness, but also for its ease of use. The FreshMatt application is a simple and quick process that does not require specialized equipment. Simply spray a small amount of the agent onto washed (dry or slightly damp) rugs and leave to dry. Wipe any residues of the preparation with a microfiber cloth. Unusual pleasure when applying FreshMatt is guaranteed not only by its effectiveness, but also by the subtle scent of lemon cake.


Invest in safety and ecology

FreshMatt, being the result of product testing FroGum, was created on the basis of water, which makes it ecological and completely safe for the surface of rugs and your skin. FreshMatt stands out from other popular care products because it does not contain solvents that damage the structure of rugs. Our preparation owes its care properties to natural waxes with the addition of synthetic polymers. We recommend storing the product away from sunlight.