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Storm Wash Mitt

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Rubber used in the production of rugs FroGum is an original mixture personally refined over the years by the company's technologists FroGum to ensure the highest quality and safety of the product. This gum has no chemical smell, is very durable and safe for the user. Produced on our production line from certified materials originating exclusively from the European Union.


A material related to plastic and rubber, combining the best of both worlds. This ensures durability i resistance our products, but also anti-slip properties and non-toxicity. This is guaranteed by proprietary technology FroGum UltraFlex Dual Polymer Technology™. The TPE products in our offer lose their vanilla aroma very quickly, and the products made of it will not only last for years, but will also become a mandatory element of the interior of your car. The raw materials used in the mixture we produce on site are certified and come from the European Union.

22 / 18cm
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Microfiber glove
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A car washing glove created for professional detailers and home detailing enthusiasts.

  • It is characterized by high absorbency and a large cleaning surface, which makes the work much easier and faster.
  • The fitted cuff prevents the glove from falling off your hand while washing the car. Made of delicate and dense microfiber that does not leave scratches on the cleaned paint.
  • The stitching inside the glove makes the hand fit better, ensuring stability while working.
  • A multifunctional washer in the form of a glove that can replace a standard sponge.
  • Ergonomic shape and large surface ensure comfort and efficiency of work.
  • Thanks to its adaptation to the surface, it reaches the smallest crevices, ensuring thorough car washing.
  • Moreover, this glove is easy to keep clean - after use, it can be easily washed and left to dry, ready for the next use.

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