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Trunk mat with ProLine logo to fit Kia Venga 2009-2019

lower trunk floor
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Trunk mats
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Innovative protection of your car's upholstery. Higher edge provides higher protection and floor coverage. Additionally, rugs thanks to their trough shapes keep dirt and water inside.

Thanks to MaxEdge technology products Frogum they have the highest edges in Europe, and the unique design prevents them from deforming, thanks to which the rug or mat will always adhere perfectly to the floor, and therefore fully protect the floor of your car.

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Kia Venga 2009-2019
Trunk Mat
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Trunk mat to fit Kia Venga 2009-2019 (lower trunk floor)

ProLine trunk mat by brand FROGUM is a luxury product:

  • Thanks to the innovative technology of scanning each car, the trunk mats are perfectly matched
  • A practical trunk mat organizer ensures order
  • The distinctive design will add character to the interior of the trunk
  • A sticker with the brand logo adds style and luxury
  • The luxurious satin finish gives an elegant effect
  • The highest, reinforced edges of the trunk mat - 7 cm - protect the trunk floor and upholstery
  • An additional anti-slip surface ensures safety
  • Functional place for hooks for the trunk net
  • The surface of the trunk mat is easy to keep clean
  • The highest quality, most durable TPE material, harmless to health
  • The highest resistance of the trunk mat to weather conditions and scratches
  • Subtle vanilla aroma


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Product features

Product features that you will gain by choosing us: quality, durability, unique design. Discover why we are the best!

A unique organizer
Perfect order

The ProLine anti-slip trunk mat has a unique organizer that will perfectly facilitate keeping order in the car

Kia Venga 2009-2019.

MaxEdge Technology™
The highest edges are 7 cm

The specially curved edges of the ProLine boot liner, the highest on the market - 7 cm - have been stiffened so that they never deform and protect the boot from dirt, adhering perfectly to the boot walls.

Kia Venga 2009-2019.

3D Scan Technology
Perfect match

The certainty of always making the right choice is provided by innovative 3D scanning technology for each car - thanks to which the ProLine insert always fits perfectly into the trunk.

Kia Venga 2009-2019.

Ergonomic solutions
Net hooks

The luxurious ProLine trunk liner has space for special hooks for the trunk net, which will prevent items from sliding and protect the interior of the car

Kia Venga 2009-2019.

UltraFlex Dual Polymer Technology™
Extreme strength and flexibility

The innovative TPE material of the ProLine trunk mat makes it virtually indestructible. Resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV, retains its elasticity and elasticity even in the most extreme conditions of +50 degrees C to -100 degrees C. Exceptional durability of the trunk liner for years

Kia Venga 2009-2019.