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In our store, you can search for car accessories by different criteria (filters) – keyword (e.g. Audi A8 floor liners), product name, brand name, or product code.

FroGum Premium Moto Shop supports your search and offers three ways to navigate through the site:

  • • Search by category – select product category from the top menu and use appropriate filters to find what you need
  • • Click the search box (or the magnifying glass icon) and type a word or phrase
  • • Filter car accessories by class, make, model and year of a particular car to find the product that fits this specific vehicle
  • All filters can be cleared at any time.

We can respond to all your queries via a hotline, Messenger or e-mail.

You can sign up and create the My garage account in the ”Register” tab, or when placing your first order. As a registered Customer, you can simply log-in by clicking the ”Log-In” tab at the top of the page and using your e-mail address and password used to create an account. However, you can as well buy as a Guest User without signing up for an account.

Registering an account makes your next checkout an easy option. However, there are other benefits to registering and creating the My Garage account with our site:

  •  you can save the vehicles that you own so we are able to recommend the best products that fit your specific car/s
  •  you can get special offers, coupons, or news about new arrivals and interesting blog entries
  •  you can add car accessories to your ”Favourites” so you can easily get back to what grasped your attention
  •  you can make your shopping experience easy and pleasant- all you need is to log in and your customer preferences and settings will appear automatically
  •  you can check your order status at all times
  • you can access your data whenever you need that and modify them at your will

Thanks to our professional and experienced logistics team and reliable courier services we can deliver your order as fast as possible:

  • InPost parcel lockers– 1-2 days
    Your parcel is delivered to a selected InPost locker. When the shipment is delivered to your parcel, you will receive an e-mail message and notification in the app.
  • InPost Courier – 1-2 days
  • UPS Courier – 1-2 days
  • International delivery (DPD or UPS) – 2-6 days
  • Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Latvia, Luxemburg, Estonia: 2-3 days
  • Romania, Austria, France: 2-4 days
  • Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Bulgaria: 4-5 days
  • Greece: 5-6 days
  • Denmark, Sweden: 3-4 days

Total cost of delivery depends on the selected shipping method, country of delivery and your cart, and will be seen during checkout.

FroGum Premium Moto Shop offers several secure payment methods:

  • quick payment via
  • credit card
  •  BLIK
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • payment on delivery (only in Poland)

We are always here for you to answer all your questions via several convenient channels of communication:

  • hotline
  • messenger
  • e-mail

You can reach our Customer Service Team 8.00 – 15.00 – if you need to contact us beyond these regular hours, we will respond to all your queries as soon as possible.

We want to support our Customers at any stage of the transaction and always keep them well informed about:

  • order status updates
  • payment receipt
  • order dispatch and estimated date of delivery
  • product review request

We believe in the quality of our products, but if for some reason they do not meet your expectations, we guarantee the possibility of exchange or return of goods purchased from us within 30 days from the date of purchase.

We offer two easy ways to withdraw from the contract:

  • By filling out the return form for the order sending it to our e-mail address or attaching it to the package, or
  • Through the online form in the Customer’s account “My Garage” (just enter the Orders panel and, after expanding the details, click the Return button. The process is then fully automated.)

Shipment prepaid (at your cost) should be sent to the following address:
FroGum Sp. z o.o.
Grodzisk Mazowiecki
ul. Cieszyńska 22

Please include proof of purchase or a piece of paper with your order number noted on each return.

After recognizing the return of the order by the FroGum Premium Moto Shop, we will return the money as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the statement of withdrawal from the contract by the Customer:

  • Automatically to the account from which the order was paid (PayPal or Blik), or
  • To the bank account number indicated in the return form.

Downloadable return form

Customer satisfaction and premium quality of our products are our top priority. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase because you recived faulty or defective goods (i.e. with a material or manufacturing defect) you can make a compensation claim or request exchange:

  • By reporting faulty goods to us and explaining the problem to us via email at
  • By completing an online form available in your My Garage account (select the ”My Orders” tab and click the ”Warranty, Return and Exchange” button to start the process of return, refund or exchange)

Complaints are handled within 14 days from the date they are filed.


How to clean our car floor mats and boot liners?

Our mats are made of revolutionary TPE material or top-quality rubber. This makes them exceptionally easy to clean: all you need is a cloth, soapy water or a hose to spray them down. Extremely durable, they can also be cleaned with a pressure washer.

How to install our car mats?

ProLine and No. 77 liners can be installed with built-in, intuitive mounting systems (with clips or Velcro fastening)

  • Velcro fastening – mounted directly to the original carpet
  • clips – mounted to original fixations in the floor

El Toro rubber car mats have designated holes to install fixations that correspond to and fit directly in line with the original factory mounting points on the floor.

How to install our boot liners?

Our boot liners do not require anything to install. They are so lightweight and flexible that all you need is unboxing them and placing in your car boot.

In their original packaging, DryZone boot liners come folded-over and you need to unfold their edges before they are placed on the carpet. The right side of the liner is easy to recognize because it has embossed lettering.

What makes TPE materials so durable?

TPE used in our liners is characterized by exceptional durability and excellent weatherability and environmental resistance, chemical resistance and UV stability. Car mats made of TPE are tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and water-resistant. Despite their durability, TPE liners are lightweight, flexible and resistant to low and high temperatures ranging from -50 ⁰C to +110 ⁰ C.

Is TPE odourless and safe?

TPE in our mats smells of vanilla, instead of emitting an unpleasant odour of rubber or plastic. This material is non-toxic, latex-free and contains no toxic PVC, cadmium or lead. Our products are manufactured by FroGum, a Polish manufacturer using only attested materials. The production process is based on the ”zero waste” approach that seeks to minimize waste and maximize recycling.

What characterizes the rubber used in El Toro car mats?

El Toro car floor mats are made of 100% rubber with no harmful additives. This high-quality material contains no toxic PVC, cadmium or lead. To improve user comfort, El Toro car mats have a delicate vanilla scent that makes rubber free of unpleasant odour, even on hot days.

Will TPE and rubber work in all weather conditions?

Floor and boot mats made of TPE are premium products due to the properties of this material. TPE floor liners are waterproof, resistant to tear and scratch, and can withstand extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. Despite their durability, TPE liners are lightweight, flexible and resistant to low and high temperatures ranging from -50 ⁰C to +110 ⁰ C.

High quality of rubber that is used in our floor mats make them flexible despite its weight. It is because of its weight and thickness our rubber is heavy-duty and offers outstanding high-temperature resistance. Rubber car mats pay for themselves – odourless in the summer, they ensure excellent protection against dirt, mud and snow during winter.

Additionally, one of the biggest pros of floor liners made of TPE and rubber is that they won’t stain or hold on to dirt like traditional velour liners or mats.

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