Fresso Paradise Spark car perfume 50ml

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Product features
50 ml
Citrus notes, fruity, fresh grass, apple
The car brand
Product description

Fragrance notes: Let yourself be surrounded by the green and fruity scents of nature. This bouquet opens with a sparkling citrus mist with notes of lemon and bergamot, which sprinkles the blooming greenery with notes of freshly cut grass and crunchy apple.

* Unique fragrance compositions
* Elegant bottle with a wooden cap.
* Adjusting the scent intensity to your preferences
* Capacity: 50ml
*Efficient and long-lasting fragrance
* Recommended application for textile interior elements (recommended to test in an inconspicuous place)

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Product features

Product features that you will gain by choosing us: quality, durability, unique design. Discover why we are the best!

A unique fragrance in an elegant bottle

Fresso perfume is an extraordinary fragrance composition, enclosed in a glass bottle, which emphasizes its uniqueness. The elegant wooden cap gives them a unique character. You can adjust the fragrance intensity according to your preferences and refresh the car interior at any time.


High efficiency and durability

Fresso fragrances were created by outstanding specialists, using unique and valuable ingredients. The subtle scent lasts up to several days after applying 5 doses of perfume. The perfume is available in 50 ml capacity, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scent for many weeks.


Way of usage

Applying perfume is simple. Spray them at a distance of about 20 cm towards the textile elements, avoiding multiple applications in the same place. The manufacturer recommends avoiding contact with the skin and storing the product in a vertical position. It also warns against use at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius.


Factors influencing fragrance durability

Low or high temperature, exposure to the sun, failure to keep the car clean, the presence of other odors or the intense smell of the upholstery may reduce the durability and intensity of the smell. The manufacturer also recommends avoiding application on delicate surfaces and discontinuing use if you feel unwell.