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ADBL Leather Conditioner 200ml – a protective preparation for leather

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Product features
For the skin
200 ml
The car brand
Product description
  • Nourishes and darkens the skin
  • It has excellent protective properties
  • It does not shine, but makes it slippery and fleshy
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Easy and comfortable application
  • With a delicate leather scent
  • Additional tips: shake before use, protect from sunlight, store at a temperature of 5-25°C
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Product features

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Nourishes and protects the skin

ADBL Leather Conditioner is an effective agent that nourishes and darkens the leather, providing it with long-lasting protection. Its special formula penetrates deeply, moisturizing and protecting the skin surface against loss of elasticity and aging.


Giving it slipperiness and fleshiness

This product not only protects the skin, but also makes it slippery and fleshy, which translates into its unique texture. It does not shine, which preserves the natural appearance of the skin, but instead improves its texture while providing protection.


Easy to apply and pleasant scent

ADBL Leather Conditioner is ready for immediate use, which makes its application quick and convenient. Additionally, the delicate scent of leather makes working with this product comfortable, without an overwhelming chemical smell.


Instructions for use and storage

Apply the product to clean microfiber, wipe the surface, leave to dry (1-2 minutes) and wipe again. Additionally, it is recommended to store it at an appropriate temperature (5-25°C), shake it before use and protect it from sunlight, which ensures its effectiveness and properties are maintained for a longer time.