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ADBL Hybrid Glass 500ml – glass cleaner with an invisible wiper

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Product features
For cleaning windows with an invisible wiper
500 ml
The car brand
Product description
  • Effectively cleans glass surfaces
  • Creates a hydrophobic effect that limits the adhesion of dirt
  • Leaving the surface antistatic
  • Ensures crystal clean surfaces
  • Possibility of additional protection with another layer
  • Easy to apply
  • The smell of grapes
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Product features

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Intensive and effective cleaning

The formula of the ADBL HYBRID GLASS liquid has been designed in such a way as to remove even the most difficult dirt from glass surfaces. Thanks to its cleaning properties, it effectively eliminates greasy stains, water deposits and other contaminants, leaving surfaces crystal clean.


Protection and prevention of dirt adhesion

The product leaves a hydrophobic effect on cleaned surfaces, which reduces the adhesion of dirt. This means that after using ADBL HYBRID GLASS liquid, glass surfaces become less susceptible to the accumulation of dirt, which makes it easier to keep them clean for a longer time.


Antistatic and clear glass

In addition to removing dirt and providing protection, the product leaves glass surfaces antistatic after application. This means that it reduces the attraction of dust, which results in longer-lasting cleanliness. Thanks to this, after using this liquid, the windows remain clear and fresh for a longer period of time.


Simple application and the possibility of layered protection

ADBL HYBRID GLASS is easy to use. After application and a few hours after the first application, it is possible to apply another layer of the product to additionally strengthen the protection of glass surfaces. This gives you the flexibility to ensure long-lasting protection and cleanliness.