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ADBL Glass Polish 200ml – a product for thorough cleaning of glass

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Product features
For windows
200 ml
Bourbon vanilla
The car brand
Product description
  • A modern agent for cleaning glass surfaces
  • Composition containing cerium oxide and other oxides to remove scratches
  • Comfortable consistency, does not require additional water
  • Effective in removing traces of hard water, acid rain, greasy deposits, insect remains and other contaminants
  • Can be used manually or by machine
  • Easy application: apply with a polishing motion on a previously cleaned surface
  • Fragrance: Bourbon Vanilla
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Product features

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 Effective glass cleaning

ADBL Glass Polish is an innovative agent created for thorough cleaning of glass surfaces. Thanks to the content of cerium oxide and other nanometer-sized oxides, the product effectively eliminates small scratches, ensuring the cleanliness and clarity of the glass.


Convenient and effective formula

The consistency of ADBL GP has been specially developed to ensure ease of use without the need for additional water. This unique formula makes cleaning up after use much easier than using traditional glass polishes.


Comprehensive removal of contaminants

The product effectively removes traces of hard water, acid rain, greasy deposits, insect remains and old protective coatings, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and restoring the shine of glass surfaces.


Various application methods

ADBL GP can be used manually using the ADBL GLASS CUBE applicator or by machine with a polishing sponge or felt, which allows you to adjust the method of use to the expected effects. Application instructions include steps such as cleaning the surface, shaking the product before use, applying a small amount and using polishing movements.