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ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer 1l – insect remnant remover

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Product features
For removing insects
1000 ml
The car brand
Product description
  • Removes insect remains and organic pollutants
  • Prevents permanent damage to the paint
  • Fast in action, prevents discoloration and pitting
  • Effective in dissolving oil, grease and road grime
  • Ready to use, simple application
  • Perfumed fragrance
  • Additional tips: shake before use, store in a dry, cool place, protect from sunlight and frost
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Product features

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Effective removal of contaminants

ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer is a powerful agent that is perfect for removing various organic pollutants. It not only effectively eliminates insect residues that can seriously damage the vehicle's paint, but also dissolves other types of road grime, such as oil, grease and tree sap. Its formula is focused on quickly removing and minimizing potential surface damage.


Surface protection and damage prevention

This product works quickly, which not only makes the cleaning process easier, but also prevents long-term damage. Thanks to its quick action, it removes insect remnants, which minimizes the risk of discoloration and pitting in the paint. It is not only a cleaning agent, but also a preventive preparation that ensures the durability of the surface.


Simple and convenient to use

This product is ready to use, which makes its application extremely simple. Simply spray on a cool surface, leave for a short time (about 30 seconds) and rinse with water. It is a quick and effective process that does not require complicated steps and at the same time produces excellent results.


Fragrance and additional instructions for use

ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer has a perfumed scent, which may be an additional advantage for many users. Additionally, there are some tips for storing the product, such as shaking it before use, keeping it in a cool and dry place, and protecting it from sunlight and frost. These simple tips help keep the product effective for longer.