Effective Ways to Conserve Your TPE and Rubber Floor Mats

  1. Effective ways to maintain car mats and trunk mats made of rubber and TPE.
  2. What are the benefits of TPE?

    Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) car mats have become a popular choice for many drivers due to their durability, environmental friendliness and ease of maintenance. These versatile mats provide excellent protection for your car floor in all weather conditions. Proper care and maintenance techniques help ensure they last and look great. In this article, we will discuss practical ways to maintain and extend the life of your TPE car mats.

    What is TPE?

    Before we delve into preservation methods, it is important to understand what TPE is and why it is used in manufacturing car mats. TPE combines the properties of rubber with the recyclability of plastics, which makes it an ideal material for the production of durable, flexible and easy-to-clean mats. They are physically durable and resistant to many chemicals. Additionally, thanks to synthetic materials, rubber car mats and TPE mats are highly resistant to abrasion, temperature changes and formaldehyde-free. The environmental footprint is smaller compared to traditional materials, making TPE floor mats a sustainable choice. Car mats and trunk mats TPEs are designed in accordance with international standards. They meet strict European standards regarding product quality, which guarantees their high class, perfect fit to the original equipment of the car, and the possibility of recycling.

    TPE thermoplastic elastomers – what are they made of?

    Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), also known as thermoplastic rubbers (TPR), are a class of copolymers or a physical mixture of polymers (usually plastic and rubber) that combine both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. Unlike most elastomers, which are thermoset, thermoplastic elastomers are easy to process, for example by injection, which makes them extremely attractive in the production process.

    The main difference between thermoset elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers lies in the type of cross-links in their structures. Cross-linking is a key structural factor that imparts high elastic properties. Thanks to this, our TPE car mats and rubber car mats are not only characterized by excellent resistance to various operating conditions, but also are environmentally friendly, which confirms their compliance with strict European standards for production and recycling.

    How to clean Car floor mats made of TPE and rubber?

    There are several ways to clean car mats:

    1. Regular vacuuming – just remove any dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the car mat over time. This can be easily done with a vacuum cleaner or by simply pulling the car mat out of the vehicle and shaking out the dirt.

    2. Correct washing – jeśli i tak zamierzasz wyciągnąć swoje dywaniki samochodowe, równie dobrze możesz to zrobić na myjni bezdotykowej i szybko umyć je myjką ciśnieniową. Myjnie bezdotykowe często zapewniają wyznaczony uchwyt do pomocy. Nie martw się! Aby uszkodzić ProLine car mats, you have to bring the pressure washer lance very close, so the cleaning process is really hassle-free. Once you've gotten rid of any dirt, you can shake or wipe the carpet with a cloth to dry it, then put it back in your car.

    3. Maintenance – If you value the visual aspects of your car's interior, you probably use car maintenance products. This is not necessary, but for those who like to go a step further, we recommend a special regenerating agent FreshMatt, which can refresh the appearance of your car mat, restore its color and improve its anti-slip properties, thus regaining its former shine.


    If you prefer to hide yours in the summer car mats TPE or rubber, try to do it in the original box and do not put them under anything heavy. They are flexible and durable, but can deform over time under constant pressure, so take this into account.

    Why choose TPE car mats?

    Car mats made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) offer unrivaled resistance, are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. These TPE rubber mats are ideal protection for your car floor in all weather conditions, ensuring durability and aesthetic appearance.

    What makes TPE unique?

    TPE combines the properties of rubber with the recyclability of plastics. This makes TPE car mats and TPE rubber mats durable, flexible and easy to clean, while offering high resistance to abrasion and temperature changes.


    Rubber car mats made of TPE and rubber are a durable, environmentally friendly option to protect your car interior in all conditions. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your car mats remain in excellent condition, providing long-lasting protection and aesthetics. Regular cleaning, proper maintenance and thoughtful storage are the key to extending the life of rubber and TPE car mats, making them a durable and practical choice for any car interior. The most important thing is not to worry. Our products are durable and user-friendly, so you can devote your time to more important matters.

Car mat safety

The design of the car has evolved many times over its over 100-year history, including its safety systems and driving culture. Nowadays, road safety is always a priority for manufacturers, legislators and drivers. Vehicle inspections and regulatory updates ensure that everything in the road ecosystem is predictable and therefore safe. One element of vehicle safety always seems to be forgotten by everyone: driver legroom. The space in every vehicle in front of the driver's seat and housing one of the most important components for vehicle control - the pedals.

Always in the shadows and never given much attention, a neglected pedal assembly can take revenge when you least expect it. After all, they control the car's speed and braking. So what can go wrong? Toyota's famous recall from 2010 shows that quite a lot. In this case, the car's accelerator pedals were stuck in the open position, giving drivers unwanted acceleration and causing accidents. What can you do to make sure your driving is safe?

Clean car interior.

Happy car, happy life. In this case, it also means safer driving conditions. Not cleaning your car is a bad habit in itself. However, when an object such as an empty bottle gets stuck under the brake pedal while driving, our hands are tied, so in this case it is better to prevent it by simply keeping the car tidy.

High-quality Car floor mats.

One of the culprits behind Toyota's famous recall was faulty car floor mats. An NHTSA investigation into the Toyota found that defective design allowed the car's floor mat to slide forward and trap the gas pedal in the open position. The same can happen with the brake pedal. This is why making sure you have high-quality car mats is crucial. The safety of car mats depends on several factors: adaptation to the car floor, appropriate mounting system in accordance with the manufacturer's system and anti-slip properties.

Discussing the mounting systems they have car mats, you need to delve into both technical issues and related security aspects. Car mats not only serve to protect the vehicle floor from dirt, wear and moisture, but also play a key role in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers by preventing skids that can lead to a momentary loss of vehicle control.

The design and implementation of car mat mounting systems require careful consideration of materials, compatibility with vehicle models, and the durability and reliability of the mechanism. There are several types of systems that ensure the safety of car mats:

1. Stopwatches: These are some of the most popular fastening mechanisms. Vehicle floors often have pre-installed hooks or pins, and compatible mats have reinforced holes or clips designed to snap into these points. The main advantage of clips and hooks is their simplicity and effectiveness in preventing the car mat from moving forward.

2. Velcro: Some mats have Velcro strips on the underside that adhere to the vehicle's carpet. This system allows for easy removal and re-installation, which is especially convenient when cleaning. However, the effectiveness of Velcro may decrease over time due to dirt accumulation and wear.

3. Dedicated car mats: They are designed to precisely fit the floor contours of your specific vehicle model, ensuring a snug fit that minimizes movement. While not a fastening system per se, the precise fit acts as a passive security mechanism. Custom-fit mats are often equipped with integrated stoppers that further increase stability.

4. Anti-slip base: Many car mats have a rubberized or textured backing that grips the vehicle floor to limit movement. This solution is simple, but over time it may become less effective than other systems, especially if the underlayment wears out or the vehicle floor is extremely smooth.

The primary safety issue with car mats is their potential to interfere with the operation of the pedals if they slip or wrap under the driver's feet. Such interference can lead to accidents by preventing the driver from accelerating, braking or engaging the clutch as intended.

1. Proper Fit: Making sure that rubber car mats are the correct size and shape for the vehicle, this prevents them from sliding under the pedals. For this reason, it is recommended to use mats adapted to individual vehicle models.

2. Secure mounting: A mat that is securely attached to the floor is less likely to shift or fold. The stoppers are designed to keep the mat in the intended position, even during vigorous movements.

3. Regular inspection: Vehicle owners should regularly inspect mat mounting systems for signs of wear or damage. Even the most durable systems can fail over time, and detecting potential problems early can prevent dangerous situations. This can be easily done during routine cleaning.

4. Manufacturer Compatibility: Using mats and mounting systems designed for your specific vehicle make and model ensures both proper fit and the effectiveness of the securing mechanism. Aftermarket solutions should be carefully selected to meet vehicle specifications.

5. Avoiding double stacking: Placing one set of rugs on top of another may reduce the effectiveness of the mounting system and increase the risk of slipping.

Our store offers only the highest quality products, and our offer includes: Car floor mats Frogum represents this perfectly. Made of the highest quality proprietary TPE, they guarantee grip and durability for thousands of kilometers. The design based on high-resolution 3D laser scans ensures perfect fit and compatibility with specific car models. Combined with a mounting system that is perfectly tailor-made for your car, they cover all the safety aspects described above. Car mats ProLine i No.77 they offer high edges that cover not only the floor but also the walls of the footwell, which trap all spilled liquids. The edges are designed using Max Edge technology, which prevents deformation over years of use. The entire product is easy to maintain. People with a smaller budget can check out classic rubber car mats elToro, made of the highest quality rubber mixture, which, like all other products of this company, is extremely durable and odorless. elToro thick rubber car mats are an excellent work tool. They also offer additional non-slip backing and mounting holes for mounting systems.

If you already have a TPE car mat, check out the trunk mats ProLine i DryZone. Made of the same excellent material, they provide the same - the highest protection for the car trunk.

If you want to further improve grip and refresh your car mats ProLine and/ or No.77, you can check out our new car mat regeneration fluid Fresh Mat created in cooperation with ADBL. Designed specifically for car mats and trunk mats Frogum, renews the surface and color and regenerates scratches, restoring the former shine that the rugs may have lost trunk mats made of TPE.

How to choose a trunk mat

Choice trunk mats car repair may seem complicated at first glance, but thanks to this guide all doubts will be dispelled. Here is an explanation of some of the issues that have caused problems for our customers in the past.

1. Top or bottom shelf?

Many car manufacturers offer adjustable load floors to accommodate different user needs and provide additional functionality. What is an adjustable boot floor? Car trunks usually have two floors, with additional storage underneath the first floor. In this case, the upper floor is made in such a way that its height can be adjusted and the space in the trunk can be manipulated. ProLine trunk mats i DryZone sometimes they offer different trunk options for the same car model, which means you can choose your preferred trunk floor configuration.

2. Is the subwoofer a problem?

Sometimes yes. Cars are complicated; in some cases, your vehicle may have a special speaker in the trunk - this usually applies to upgraded sound systems in mid-range cars.

3. Full-size spare tire

Cars are very compact and size matters. In any vehicle, it is possible that a full-size spare tire may affect the dimensions of the trunk and the fit of dedicated cargo mats.

4. Explanation of other equipment:

– Trunk organizer: If you have a built-in organizer under the trunk floor

– Number of rows: some cars have 3 rows of seats and the trunk mats may be tailor-made for the trunk with the 3rd row folded for more space or unfolded for more passengers.

– Silnik hybrydowy: Warianty hybrydowe samochodów często muszą poświęcić trochę miejsca, aby zmieścić większe baterie. Upewnij się, że wybrana trunk mat fits your drive type.

Do you have any more questions?

It's okay if you have more questions. Remember to read the product description carefully. However, if you still have doubts, our customer service will be happy to help. You will find help here.

How to take care of your trunk?

Car racks provide practical cargo space for everyday use. Shopping, suitcases or work-related items - everything leaves a mark on the soft carpet, which over time absorbs impacts, cuts and spilled liquids. It is difficult to prevent this, and a damaged trunk interior is difficult and expensive to repair, often ending with replacing the carpet. How to avoid this damage and extend the life of your rack?

Car trunk maintenance is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that is often overlooked. A well-kept trunk helps keep everything neat and organized. This contributes to the overall durability and value of the car. Below you will find tips on how to keep your trunk in top condition.

1. Regular cleaning

Empty and vacuum: Start by removing all items from the trunk. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust and small debris from every nook and cranny, including the sides and under mats or carpets.

Stain removal: Clean up spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting. Use an appropriate upholstery cleaner on the trunk carpet and a mild soap solution on any plastic or metal parts. Always test cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area first. You can find good quality products for this purpose in our store.

3. Wise organization

Use organizational solutions: Consider investing in organizers such as containers, boxes or bags to keep items organized. Luggage nets and hooks can prevent groceries and other items from moving around while driving. The built-in organizer will also work well ProLine trunk mats.

4. Having an emergency kit

Always keep an emergency kit in the trunk, including items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, first aid kit and essential tools. Check these items regularly to ensure they are in good condition and replace them as necessary. It's also good to have some basic ones devices for cleaning like liquid and brush.

5. Inspection and maintenance of seals

Check your seals regularly: The trunk seal prevents water and dust from entering, protecting your belongings and the interior of your vehicle. Periodically check the gasket for wear, cracks or damage. A damaged seal can lead to leaks that can damage the interior of the trunk and your belongings.

6. Cleaning and maintenance of seals

The boot seal should be cleaned with a mild soap solution and treated with a rubber care product to maintain its elasticity and prevent cracking. This will prevent water and dirt from getting inside and damaging the interior

7. Prevention of unpleasant odors

Keep it fresh: An odor-free trunk is a nicer place to store items. Use car chemicals or a natural alternative such as baking soda to absorb unwanted odors. Occasionally airing out the trunk can also prevent musty odors from developing.

8. Trunk mats


To make maintaining the trunk of your car easier, you can invest in good quality trunk mats. They protect the interior of the trunk against spilled liquids and physical damage. They also make cleaning very easy: pull the boot mat out of the vehicle and rinse it with water or wash it with a pressure washer at a hand car wash. Car mats DryZone they can provide excellent basic functionality for the job at a solid price. If you're looking for something more, check it out trunk mats ProLine with additional organizer functionality and great design. Both products are made of very durable, odorless TPE material resistant to chemicals and physical damage. Designed using high-resolution 3D laser scanning, they ensure a perfect fit to your car, covering 100% of the trunk surface and high edges to protect the sides, so you don't have to worry about spills.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your car trunk in great condition, ensuring your belongings are stored safely and organizedly. Regular care and a bit of organization can significantly improve the functionality and appearance of your rack, positively impacting your overall driving experience.

How to check your car model

  1. How to check your car model.
  2. Checking the vehicle model in documents.
  3. Decoding the VIN number.
  4. A simpler way, i.e. on your own or with someone you know.

How to check your car model.

Every owner of four wheels knows his vehicle to a greater or lesser extent. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to provide a more detailed specification, whether when selling a vehicle, maintaining it, purchasing parts or purchasing Car floor mats i trunk mats. In our store, this skill will be needed because the products Frogum are designed based on 3D scans to ensure the most precise fit to each model. This precision, so valued in our products, may make us scratch our heads when purchasing whether this is really the car model we want. This is inevitable, but fortunately we have several ways to get rid of doubts. There are several ways to check the exact vehicle model: in the registration certificate, VIN number, on the basis of special features or with the help of a more experienced person.

Checking the vehicle model in documents.

The easiest way, just look at the registration certificate and you should find all the information you need there. What to pay attention to? In most cases, a quick look at field "D" is enough to find the make and model of the vehicle. Often there will also be information about the engine under the hood, but this description is specific to each manufacturer, so it is also worth searching the Internet. The next fields are "P.1" and "P.2", which describe: engine capacity and its power expressed in kW (Kilowatts), it is a good idea to convert this number into HP (Horse Power), because no one actually uses this number unit for everyday use, Google will handle it without a problem. Finally, very useful information is the year of production, which can be found on the page with the QR code. This is everything we need on a daily basis! Using this information will make it easier for you to find matches car mats and/ or trunk mat, as well as using this data to filter the right products for your car.

Decoding the VIN number.

Sometimes we want to know more and this is where the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) comes in, which is the unique DNA of your car. It can be found on the vehicle ID or on the car itself. The most common places are: the door frame when you open it, the engine compartment, and sometimes around the floor or under the seats behind a neat cover. Either way, you just need to enter this number on any VIN decoding website, it should be free. There will be all the information about the vehicle we will ever need.

A simpler way, i.e. on your own or with someone you know.

The quickest and easiest way is to simply look at the car. It is standard that at the back of the vehicle the model name is accompanied by the engine marking, sometimes it may be near the front fender, but often this information is completely sufficient in many scenarios, you can always make sure or find more data on the manufacturer's website or for more information. the opinion of a more experienced person.

Each method has its advantages and provides us with the right amount of information about our four wheels. On our shop This information will be needed so that everyone can buy the right one for sure rubber car mats or that a suitable one would be chosen by him mat for trunk. Nevertheless, not everyone is a fan of motoring, that's why our team is customer service I will be happy to help you with any dilemma.